Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Brand New Kingdom chapter 1 redux

He awoke to the sound of purring emanating from the headboard of his bed. It was an alarming sound given that David Gibson owned neither a headboard or a cat. Leaping out of a bed that was not his in a manner that could only be described as "manic," David gained enough composure to survey his surroundings.

"This room isn't mine," he spoke in a tone of fright. He then went into the fairly typical tirade of statements that accompany such a situation. "Where am I's" and "how did I get here's" filled the modestly sized room along with a variety of other questions David knew would not be readily answered.

After he had calmed himself, David decided the best course of action would be to illuminate his surroundings. In his attempts to feel his surroundings for what his night adjusted eyes allowed, he tripped, catching himself as his body met the ground. The floor was carpeted, another foreign notion introduced to his already confused mind. His hands felt their way in the darkness until they found success in grasping what became a cord. Following the cord to its point of origin, David's elation became muddled by the lack of visuals as his eyes adjusted to the new found light. The incredulous look on his face wasn't from the foreign environment he'd been recently introduced to;

it was the fact that he occupied a room that had no doors or windows.

Monday, October 6, 2008

In an attempt to make the story much more riveting, I've come to the conclusion that it must be restructured, so for anyone who has followed the last two paragraphs, forget what you've read. Pretend it never happened. Make believe this is an all new joke and you want the punch line so bad it hurts.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Brand New Kingdom Ch1 part 2

They were in a state of panic. The experiment yielded a phenomenally different result than anticipated. In an attempt to create an entirely new infrastructure, a world dictated by electronic transcript,Dr. Ernest Suelov and Dr.Sarah Bartelt along with a number of colleagues and assistants designed a system that would transport an entity into what could only be described as a "pocket dimension." The parameters of this dimension were linked directly to an electronic device that resembled a book. Any input in said book would immediately be represented in the world, comfortably dubbed "Fictopia," ergo if it wasn't in the book, it didn't exist in the world.

They started out small. The first step was to put in a room, if dimensions weren't specified the book would apply the average room size of the country it was found in. The book was built with adjustable application options, a feature they would soon regret. In twenty-four hours they managed to decorate the room with all the constituents of a typical North American room, complete with cornflower blue paint and a classic decorative trim.

The first major leap was an attempt at transportation. The infant world posed a number of possibilities, one of which was to operate as a backup earth. Environmental corruption was on the horizon and Dr. Suelov and Bartelt posited that if they could develop a method of transportation, a route to place objects from this realm there, then that could be extrapolated across the world, allowing them to recreate the entirety of Earth and place it in a cleaner dimension, complete with parameters defined by them.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

"I wanted to tell her, I truly did. I wanted to communicate all that I felt. That with the entirety of me, I wanted her. That the word love didn't quite encompass what I felt, that if it were to try to capture what I had, it would be swallowed, consumed whole along with its surroundings. I want to share with her my dreams, to take my heart and place it in her hands so she'd be assured that it had no other home."

Joe's words trailed off, his ramblings meant nothing to his calico companion who found her best course of action involved resting herself within close enough proximity of his head to groom his trademark shaggy top. Nothing could be done to soothe his soul, he wanted his lady and that was an impossibility as it stood.

It wasn't his fault.

He was associated only in name, or at least 98% so.

It wasn't his fault.

That didn't change the fact that he now resides in fiction

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Red Devil will be continued in

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Red Devil chapter 1 part 3

After I knew that pig was dead, I grabbed his ammo clip and honest to God I had to stop myself because I didn't have a damn clue where to go. I guess I could go home, but then what? Not like I can stay in that shithole forever. I could hunt down my girl and my ex,but knowing her, she's already dead......or one of them. She was a good fuck but damn was she dumb, and I mean "Jessica Simpson chicken of the sea" dumb. She was probably at work and left Kylie at home with the babysitter. My best bet was to head to her place, which was a mile fucking away on 3rd street, but it's not like I have other shit to do. So I'm walking down Paulding because it's a wide, which gave me time to react to any crazies that want a piece, ignoring the violence around me. The mayhem would have been too much for some; a body impaled on a stop sign with several littered around it, my guess being a bunch of poor bastards lost hope when shit went down. Good riddance I say. Those panicked pussies would have just dragged the rest of us down. I'm not getting killed because of some suicidal cunt can't handle the shitstain life has become.

The whole street was a mess, I had to watch myself because it was so easy to step on some broken glass, shards of metal, hell slipping in blood was an easy bet since it was fucking everywhere. The place looked like a damn meat factory. Kind of smelled like one too at this point. Thank God it wasn't terribly hot today. I started thinking about my girl when I stepped in something, slipped and fell. It was a fucking intestine that wound up to its source, hidden between two cars like he was trying to get away. AS I got up, attempting to brush myself off, ringing what I could out of my newly crimson shirt, it hit me.

Where the fuck were all them?

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Red Devil chapter 1 part 2

So I'm running down the stairs knowing damn well those elevators are fucked. You see that shit in the movies all the time, some dumb nobgoblin goin on the elevator when shit goes down only to get caught with more problems.

Fuck that noise.


When i hit the first floor, I see shit everywhere. Blood was all over the place, on the ceiling, on the tables as well as running down the doors like red rain. I didn't know what to do, I mean would you? As kids we did test runs all the time for disasters, tornados, earthquakes an all that but there never was a "world goes to hell" drill and you know it looked like hell. Men were torn apart, their limbs missing, their insides decorating the pavement. That shit didn't mess me up too much, it was seeing the little girl, her face carved out like a pumpkin with her pigtails still intact, her leg several feet from her body, covered in teeth marks and forcibly removed muscle. I have a daughter and that shit wrecked me. I threw up all over the sidewalk and man was that bad timing. The fuck was I thinking? The world ending and I'm just going to walk outside, where everything is happening. Yeah, I'm a pretty fuckin smart guy. I wiped my face off and looked around for some daddy hammers, you know weapons, because god knows whatever's goin down, I've gotta watch myself. Luckily I found a cop who wasn't needing his pistol. The weird thing was, he really wasn't touched. I mean he was dead, that much was obvious, the hole in his chest where his heart used to be spoke volumes, but I swore I saw him move a little bit, and you know when I buttoned his holster on his pistol, the fucker grabbed me. He had a hole in his fucking chest and he grabbed me! Of course by that time I had his pistol out aand put two in his head, but how the fuck did he move without a heart?